5 Best Alternatives to Windows Snipping Tool

People are buying laptops for the first time coming from smartphones and the S mode ensures that they can only use the Store and Microsoft-approved apps. Furthermore, last time I’ve checked, you couldn’t even download another browser or switch the default search engine away from Bing. In March 2016, some users also alleged that their […]

How to Stop Long Running Script on Internet Explorer 11

When running CGI scripts, the method Apache uses to find the interpreter for the script is configurable using the ScriptInterpreterSourcedirective. The Windows uninstaller is not automatically updated alongside the CLI. If it’s been a while since you first installed the CLI, manually install the latest version of the CLI to obtain an up-to-date uninstaller. First, […]

Citrix Workspace app 2207 for Windows

Select Delete in the toolbar, to remove all the appdata related to Firefox. Click Uninstall again to confirm your intentions to remove the program. To find the app you want to delete, type the name of the app in the search box. If you try to remove a program while logged in as someone other […]

Windows download

When you’re ready to install it, simply double-click on the “Install Zorin OS” icon on the desktop and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. Zorin Connect is integrated into the Zorin OS desktop to merge the experience between your computer and Android device. It works over an encrypted connection on your local network, so […]